Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030 Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2030

In this article you get to know insight about Mazagon Dock Share Price Target, Established in 1934 and operated by the Indian government, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) is a renowned shipyard based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. MDL specializes in the construction of warships and submarines for the Indian Navy, serving clients globally. Its commitment to delivering high-quality vessels has earned it numerous awards and accolades, cementing its reputation as a leading shipyard in India. Notable projects include the construction of Scorpene-class submarines under the Project 75 program and the development of INS Vikrant, India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier. In addition to shipbuilding, MDL offers services such as ship repair and maintenance, refitting and modernization of existing vessels, and the design and construction of offshore platforms.

Financial Performance:

In 2019, the company reported a revenue of ₹4,614 Crores and a profit of ₹532 Crores.
In 2020, revenue increased to ₹4,978 Crores, with a profit of ₹477 Crores.
2021 saw a profit of ₹514 Crores, with revenue at ₹4,048 Crores.
In 2022, MDL achieved a profit of ₹611 Crores, with revenues reaching ₹5,733 Crores.

Share Price Targets:

YearFirst Target (INR)Second Target (INR)

Mazagon Dock Share Price Targets:

2023: With returns of over 190% in the past year and 70% in the last six months, MDL has consistently generated positive returns. The Mazagon Dock Share Price Target for 2023 is projected to be ₹750, with a maximum price of ₹780. The stock has witnessed significant growth since July 2022, rising from ₹170 in October 2020.

2024: Supported by strong fundamentals and promising financial trends, MDL is expected to see substantial growth. Investors anticipate positive returns, making the Mazagon Dock Share Price Target for 2024 ₹890, with a maximum price of ₹930. It’s advisable to monitor its performance, although it is likely to yield good returns until 2024.

2025: Due to its strong financials, MDL is poised for long-term growth. The company recorded a substantial profit of ₹611 Crores in 2022, compared to ₹514 Crores in 2021, indicating significant revenue and net worth growth. The Mazagon Dock Share Price Target for 2025 ranges from ₹1040 to ₹1090. Before investing, further analysis of its fundamentals is recommended.

2030: Boasting sound fundamentals, including a P/E ratio of 15.3, a 19.1% ROE, and an EPS of ₹44.6, MDL is debt-free with a nominal debt of ₹8.69 Crores. Taking these factors into account, the Mazagon Dock Share Price Target for 2030 is estimated at ₹2,400, with a maximum price of ₹2,600.


What will be the share price of Mazagon Dock after 5 years?

According to our analysis, the share price of Mazagon Dock after 5 years is expected to range between ₹1,770 and ₹1,820 in 2028.

Is Mazagon Dock a debt-free company?

No, Mazagon Dock is not a debt-free company; it currently holds a debt of ₹8.69 Crores.

DISCLAIMER: Investing in the stock market carries inherent market risks. It is essential to thoroughly review all scheme-related documents prior to making any investment decisions.

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