Dear reader, are you looking to know about Non Priority sector lending examples? then you came to right article. In this article you will get to know about Non priority sector lending examples. This article is written after referring more than 7 blogs/ websites.


  • Loan on Fixed Deposit.
    • Banks give loan on Fixed Deposit that will 75 to 90 percent of FD. These loans treated in the non-Priority sector advances.
  • Mortgage Loan
    • This loan interest rate is very high. Mortgage loans considered in non-priority sector advances
  • Loans to Real Estate Developers
  • Loans to commission agents.
  • Loan and advances against LIC policies.
  • Loan and advances against NSC.
  • Cheque Discounting loans.
  • Debit balances in Saving Bank Account
  • Debit balances in Current Account


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