Are you looking to know about Technical Write Off Meaning? If yes then you came to article.

In this article you get to know about meaning and its benefits. This article is written after referring RBI Circular and more than 07 articles related to this topic.


In simple words Technical Write Off refers, Bank write off the certain advances at Central Office/Head Office level, but these advances are still outstanding at Branches level. In other words, it’s a process where banks will remove nonperforming advances from banks books of accounts. Provision needs to make for these advances. Banks remove these assets from their Balance Sheet.

While reporting Technical Write Off is deducted from Gross Advances and its to be certified by the Statutory Central Auditors of the Bank.

Advances= Gross Advances- Technical Write Off


Its very helpful to Banks to present true picture.

Banks can save taxes.

For Non-Performing Assets (NPA) recovery efforts will be continued at Branch Level.

It will free up provision resources.

Bank will remove Technical Write of Loan/Advances from their Balance Sheet.


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