The Union Bank of India RuPay Select Credit Card is designed to provide excellent services and exclusive privileges for individuals who want the best in every aspect of life. Union Bank of India RuPay Select Credit Card offers a wide range of benefits that suit your lifestyle and preferences, both within India and abroad. One of the notable features of the Union Bank of India RuPay Select Credit Card is its advanced EMV Chip and PIN technology. This technology enhances the security of transactions at point-of-sale terminals by using a microchip embedded in the card. The chip processes data securely, providing better protection against counterfeit activities and unauthorized skimming.

The implementation of the EMV Chip and PIN technology complies with the guidelines set by the Reserve Bank of India since November 30th, 2013. These guidelines aim to enhance transaction security and reduce the risk of fraud. To help you understand the card’s features, benefits, and how to use it effectively, the Union Bank of India provides a welcome kit. This kit contains detailed information about the card and its usage guidelines.


Enjoy an Interest-Free Period: With this credit card, you have a window of 21 to 50 days to make purchases without incurring any interest charges. You can choose to pay the full outstanding amount, the minimum amount due, or any higher amount you prefer.

Get Fuel Surcharge Reimbursement: Whenever you use your card to buy fuel, you’ll receive a reimbursement of 1% of the amount spent. The maximum reimbursement per card per month is 100/-.

Stay Protected with Accidental Insurance: In the unfortunate event of a loss of life or permanent disability due to an accident, you’re covered by personal accidental insurance with a maximum coverage of 10 lakh. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Widely Accepted Everywhere: This credit card is widely accepted, allowing you to make payments at over 39.3 million merchants and access 1.88 million ATMs both in India and abroad.

Lost Card Liability Coverage: If you lose your credit card, promptly report it to our 24-Hour Customer Care at 1800 425 1515 (Toll-free). Once reported, the card will be immediately blocked to prevent unauthorized transactions. The bank covers any fraudulent transactions up to 1.50 lacs made after reporting the loss.

Share the Benefits with Add-on Cards: You can gift your family members (above 18 years) an add-on RuPay Select Credit Card. This allows them to enjoy all the benefits and features available on the primary card. The points earned on add-on cards can be combined with the primary card’s points and redeemed according to the bank’s policy.

Exciting RuPay Offers: As a cardholder, you can access exclusive offers and cashback on eateries, restaurants, and utility payments through RuPay. Please note that these offers are subject to change by RuPay without prior notice.


Admission Fee: No fee required for getting the card.

Annual Subscription – Main Card: An annual fee of 499/- for the primary card.

Annual Subscription – Add-on Card: An annual fee of 399/- for additional cards linked to the same account.

Annual Subscription Waiver: The annual fee is waived in the first year and subsequent years if you meet a minimum usage requirement of 50,000/- in the previous year.

Roll Over Facility: If you carry forward a balance from one billing cycle to the next, you’ll be charged 5% interest on the outstanding amount.

Free Credit Period: Depending on the date of purchase, you can enjoy an interest-free period ranging from 21 to 50 days for new purchases.

Accidental Insurance Coverage: Main cardholders are covered by personal accidental insurance for up to 10.00 lacs in case of loss of life or permanent disability due to an accident.

Lost Card Insurance: You’ll receive insurance coverage of 1,50,000/- in case of a lost card.
Cash Advance Limit: You can withdraw cash up to 40% of your sanctioned credit limit.

Add-on Card Charges: A fee of 300/- applies for each additional card.

Lost Card Replacement Charges: If your card is lost, you’ll be charged 249/- for card replacement.

Charge Slip Request Charges: A fee of 200/- is applicable for requesting a copy of a charge slip.

Transactions charges at Railways: Railway transactions will incur a charge of 1.5% plus IRCTC charges.

Surcharge on Fuel Purchase: You’ll be charged 1% of the fuel purchase transaction, with a maximum reimbursement of 100/- per card per month.

Foreign Currency Markup: For foreign currency transactions, a markup fee of 3% is applied.

Temporary Enhancement Charges: You can temporarily increase your credit limit by paying a fee of 200/- per occasion.

Hot Listing Charges: If you report your card lost or stolen, a fee of 200/- will be charged.

Cash Withdrawal through Union Bank of India ATMs: For cash withdrawals from Union Bank of India ATMs, you’ll be charged 3% of the withdrawn amount or 200/-, whichever is higher.

Cash Withdrawal Charges at Other Bank ATMs: Cash withdrawals from other bank ATMs will incur a charge of 50/- in addition to 3% of the withdrawn amount or 200/-, whichever is higher.

Balance Enquiry in Union Bank of India ATMs: No charges apply for balance enquiries at Union Bank of India ATMs.

Balance Enquiry in Other Bank ATMs: A fee of 20/- is applicable for balance enquiries at other bank ATMs.

Interest on Cash Advance: Cash withdrawals from the credit card will attract an interest rate of 2.5% per month.

Service Charge on Revolving Credit Facility (if MPD is paid on time): If you pay the Minimum Payment Due on time, a service charge of 2.5% per month or 34.49% annualized percentage rate is levied.

Service Charge on Revolving Credit Facility (if MPD is not paid on time): If you don’t pay the MPD on time, a service charge of 2.95% per month or 41.75% annualized percentage rate is applied.

Over Limit Charges: If you exceed your credit limit, you’ll be charged 2.5% of the over limit amount, with a minimum of 250/-.

Duplicate Statement Charges for >3 Months: Requesting duplicate statements older than 3 months will incur a charge of 50/- per statement.

Duplicate Physical PIN Mailer: A fee of 50/- per occasion is applicable for requesting a duplicate PIN mailer.

EMI Facility: You can convert your purchases into equated monthly installments (EMI) for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, except for gold purchases, cash withdrawals, and fuel transactions.

Processing Fee: A processing fee of 2% (minimum 200/- and maximum 1000/-) applies to EMI transactions.

Rate of Interest: The interest rate on outstanding balances is 16% per annum, calculated on a reducing balance basis.

Pre-closure Fee: If you close an EMI before the due date, a fee of 2% of the outstanding amount is charged.

Late Payment Charges:
Outstanding up to 25,000/-: 200/-
Above 25,000/-: 500/- (Charges for late payment based on the outstanding balance)


The card is primarily issued to customers, but selective issuance is available to non-customers as well. The primary cardholder should be between 18 and 60 years old if salaried, and between 18 and 65 years old if a professional. The add-on cardholder should be 18 years or older. The minimum annual income requirement is 7.5 lakh. Business class applicants need to provide two years of income tax returns with computation sheets. Salaried class applicants need to provide Form 16 or income tax returns along with their latest salary slip. Cards can also be issued against a fixed deposit with a 25% margin, without requiring income proof or following a scoring model.Please note that the above eligibility criteria are only indicative, and the bank reserves the right to approve or decline credit card applications.

Documents Required for Application:

To apply for the credit card, you will need to submit the following documents:

Completely filled credit card application form.
Two passport-size color photographs.
Income tax returns for the past two years, or Form 16, or salary slip.
Proof of address, ID proof, and a copy of your PAN card, as per KYC norms.

For the most accurate and up-to-date details about Union Bank of India’s credit card offerings, we recommend visiting their official website or contacting their customer service.

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