Dear reader, are you looking to know Phonepe Loans? Then you came to the right article. In this article. You will get to know about Phonepe loan interest rates, Phonepe loan without interest, Phonepe loans apply online, Phonepe loan customer care number, Phonepe loan repayment etc. This article is written after referring phonepe official website and more than 7 blogs on this topic.

Phonepe is one of the Unified Payment interface (UPI) application useful for money transfer from one person to another person bank account or wallet. It was started in the year December 2015. It’s having a headquarters in Bangalore. Phonepe application available in the 11 languages

PhonePe provides mobile recharge, Fast tag recharge, DTH recharge, cable tv payment, book a cylinder, piped gas, water and electricity payment, post paid bills, broad band , education fees, rent payment, credit card bill payment, loan repayment, LIC/insurance premium payment, Municipal Tax Payment facilities. Apart from this Phonepe providing loan facility in celebration with Flipkart.


PhonePe application doesn’t provide any loans to its users. Its only provides repayment option to repay the loan taken from various loan apps like Money View, Ring, Arth, Aeon Credit, Ashv Finance, Cars24 etc.

In view of this the question of PhonePe Interest rates doesn’t arise.


PhonePe application provides advertisement related to loans, that you can take from other applications like Money View, Ring, Aeon Credit etc. It doesn’t provide any loans directly so there is no question of PhonePe loans without interest doesn’t arise.


PhonePe application doesn’t provide any loans. Its provides an advertainment related to loan applications there you will get a loan.  These loans range between ₹ 1000 to 50,000. Applications like Money View provides a loan without going into any bank. This loan is totally dependent on your credit score. If your credit score is high, you will get a more loan amount. If your credit score is low, you will get you will get the lessor loan amount.


PhonePe doesn’t provide any loans directly. From advertisement coming in the PhonePe app you need to apply for a loan by downloading application.

For Example: Money View Loan App

To apply for loan you should have some  minimum eligibility criteria.

Your age should be minimum 18 years.

You should have a Saving Bank or Current Account in Bank.

Your credit score should be more than 700.

You should have a phone pay app to repay the loans.

For identity card and address proof you should have Aadhar card and pan card.

Your mobile number should be linked with aadhar card. 


Dear reader in this article you get to know about PhonePe app doesn’t provide any loans to it user directly its only provide repayment option. For more information you can visit phonepe official website i.e.

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