Bankers Expected DA for November 2023Bankers Expected DA for November 2023

Dearness Allowance is an essential part of a bank employee’s salary, helping them counter the effects of inflation. In this article, we’ll break down the expected DA for bankers in November 2023 in a straightforward manner

What is DA and How is it Calculated?

DA is revised four times a year, specifically in February, May, August, and November. It depends on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), reflecting the cost of living.

Calculating Expected DA for November 2023

To predict November 2023’s DA, we need the CPI indices for July, August, and September 2023. These indices are typically available one month later.

May 2023 CPI Index: 134.70
June 2023 CPI Index: 136.40
The average CPI index from July to September 2023 is estimated as follows:
July 2023: 139.70
August 2023: 139.2
September 2023: 139.45 (average)

Now, let’s do the math:

(139.70 + 139.20 + 139.45) / 3 = 418.35 / 3 = 139.45 (average CPI)

We then multiply this figure by various constants and subtract 6352 (points merged into DA), resulting in 2815 points. These points are converted into slabs by dividing by 4, yielding 703.75 slabs.

To determine the expected Dearness Allowance (DA) percentage for bankers in November 2023, we need to convert the calculated slabs into a percentage.

Understanding the Conversion:

DA is typically calculated as a percentage of a bank employee’s basic salary. To make this conversion, we use the factor provided by the 11th Bipartite Settlement (BPS), where 1 slab is equivalent to 0.07%.

The Calculation:

Now, let’s apply this conversion to our calculated slabs:

703.75 slabs * 0.07% = 49.26%

So, the expected DA for bankers in November 2023 is projected to be 49.26%.

This percentage represents the additional amount that will be added to a bank employee’s total salary as DA, helping them maintain their purchasing power in the face of inflation.

Impact on Bankers

An increase in DA is great news for bank employees, as it directly boosts their take-home pay. November 2023 is expected to see a substantial DA hike.


This article provided insights into the expected DA for bankers in November 2023, the impact of DA on their salaries, and the calculation process. For more banking-related information, feel free to explore other articles on our website.

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