Are you someone who enjoys the finer things in life and has a taste for luxury? If so, the Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime might be the perfect credit card for you! Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime is all about offering top notch benefits and services, specially crafted for premium customers. Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime is a premium credit card designed to cater to the lifestyle and spending patterns of high end customers. This exclusive card offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of discerning individuals.


Tailored for Premium Lifestyles: The Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime is meticulously designed to suit the preferences and lifestyle of high-end customers. It’s more than just a regular credit card, it’s a symbol of status and sophistication.

Exclusive Rewards and Perks: With this card, you get access to a host of exclusive rewards and perks that complement your upscale lifestyle. These may include discounts at luxury hotels, premium dining experiences, and special privileges at elite events.

Customized Spending Solutions: The card is tailored to match your spending patterns, ensuring that you get the most out of every transaction. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a shopaholic, or a gourmet enthusiast, the card’s benefits are aligned with your preferences.

Dedicated Customer Support: As a premium cardholder, you can expect top-notch customer service that caters to your unique needs. Any queries or concerns you have will be promptly addressed by a dedicated support team.

Convenient Application Process: Applying for the Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime is easy and hassle-free. You can do it online or visit your nearest bank branch to get personalized assistance.


Annual Fee: Only ₹2,999/- plus applicable taxes.

Spend Based Fee Waiver: Enjoy a complete waiver of the annual fee (₹2,999) from the second year onwards if you spend more than ₹3,00,000 in the previous year using your credit card. It means you won’t have to pay the annual fee if you spend above this amount!

Welcome Benefit & Card Anniversary Gift: As a warm welcome gesture, you will receive ₹3,000 worth of vouchers when you activate your credit card by paying the joining fee of ₹2,999. These vouchers can be redeemed with any of our partner merchants for fantastic rewards!


Regular Reward Points: For every ₹100 spent, you earn 2 reward points. Each point is worth ₹0.25. This means that if you spend ₹100, you earn 2 points, and those 2 points are equivalent to ₹0.50 (2 points x ₹0.25 per point).

Exclusions: However, there are some spending categories that do not qualify for earning reward points. These include transactions related to Fuel, Insurance, Utilities, and Cash Transactions. So, if you make a purchase in any of these categories, you won’t earn any reward points.

Accelerated Reward Points: You have an accelerated reward points program that offers 5 times the regular rate (5X) for specific spending categories. If you spend ₹100 on Movies, Dining, Grocery, or Departmental Stores, you will earn 10 reward points instead of the regular 2. So, for ₹100 spent in these categories, you’ll earn ₹2.50 worth of reward points (10 points x ₹0.25 per point).

Bonus Spend Rewards: On top of the regular and accelerated reward points, there are bonus rewards available for achieving certain annual spending milestones. If you reach ₹4 Lakhs in annual spends, you get an e-Gift Voucher worth ₹3000 from one of their partners. Additionally, if you spend ₹5 Lakhs in a year, you get another e-Gift Voucher of unspecified value from their partners.

Points Redemption: The earned reward points can be redeemed for cash or catalogue items. The redemption rate is ₹0.25 per point, meaning each point is worth ₹0.25 when you use them for redemption.


Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime is a credit card designed to provide you with convenience, exclusive benefits, and assistance whenever you need it. With this card, you’ll enjoy a range of special privileges created just for you. Experience the flexibility and ease of paying your Credit Card bill either in full or partially, depending on your preference. You have the option to convert your purchases into simple monthly installments through the Flexi Pay privilege, making it easier to manage your expenses. The Karnataka Bank SBI Card Prime offers more convenience and added perks, giving you a hassle-free way to make payments, both online and offline. You’ll also have access to exclusive benefits such as discounts, cashback offers, reward points, and special event invitations.


24/7 Customer Support: You can get help with your credit card anytime, day or night, for any questions or issues you may have.

Anniversary Gift on Renewal: When you renew your credit card each year, you’ll receive a special gift or bonus as a thank you.

Bonus Rewards for Spending: You can earn extra rewards or benefits when you reach specific spending levels, such as ₹2,00,000, ₹4,00,000, or ₹5,00,000 annually.

Dispute Resolution: If you encounter any problems with your credit card transactions, the card issuer will help you resolve them and sort out any billing errors.

Card Protection Plan: The credit card comes with a protection plan that covers risks like fraud protection and purchase security.

Add-on Cards for Family: You can request additional credit cards for your family members without any extra cost.

Balance Transfer on EMI: You have the option to transfer outstanding balances from other credit cards and pay them off in convenient monthly installments.

Golf Course Access: Enjoy exclusive benefits, such as access to select golf courses.

True Lounge Access: You can relax in airport lounges with complimentary or discounted access.


Simply SMS is a convenient service provided by Karnataka Bank SBI Card that allows you to receive real-time updates about your credit card account on your registered mobile number.

How to Use Simply SMS: To start using Simply SMS, make sure your mobile number is linked to your Karnataka Bank SBI Card account. Then, compose an SMS on your registered mobile phone and send it to 5676791. With Simply SMS, you can instantly get the following details related to your credit card account:

Balance Enquiry: Check your current outstanding balance on the credit card.

Available Credit and Cash Limit: Know how much credit and cash you have available for use on the card.

Block Lost or Stolen Cards: If you’ve lost your credit card, you can quickly block it to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Last Payment Status: Find out the status of your most recent credit card payment.

Reward Points Summary: Get a summary of the reward points earned from your credit card transactions.

Subscribe to E-Statements: Opt for electronic statements and receive your credit card statements via email.

Request for Duplicate Statement: If needed, obtain a duplicate copy of your credit card statement.

Get your account information

Kind of information neededSend an SMS to 5676791
Balance enquiryBAL XXXX
Available credit and cash limitAVAIL XXXX
Block your lost or stolen cardBLOCK XXXX
Last payment statusPAYMENT XXXX
Reward point summaryREWARD XXXX
Subscribe to e-statementESTMT XXXX
Request for duplicate statementDSTMT XXXX MM
(Statement Month in MM)

XXXX = Last four digits of your Karnataka Bank SBI Car


Get your account information

Kind of information neededGive Missed Call To
Balance enquiry8422845512
Available credit and cash limit8422845513
Reward point summary8422845514
Last payment status8422845515

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